How To Resize a Ring to a Smaller or Bigger Size

How to resize a ring is a common question and is usually what we think of when we accidentally bought a wrong ring sizes for men or women. Resizing a ring to a smaller or bigger size is possible but only with the help of the right services provided by a ring shop or a ring adjuster. Resize ring take a lot of time and those who are doing it must have the right skills, this isn’t the type of task that you can do by your own. Bad things might happen to your ring if you want to resize it yourself such as there might be a scratch, the diamonds missing, etc. You wouldn’t want to hurt your valuable ring with these intentions. It’s better to pay the right person than to damage your ring which might end up you buying a new one.

We want you to see the real process how the professional handle the ring resize job properly. Please watch the video below on how it is done. After watching this, you will say that the job is a well paid since it’s not easy to do.

Most people that ordered a wrong ring size falls into two categories; they wanted to give a surprise to the other special person and second is their partner gain some weight. It is always a best way to order your engagement ring or wedding ring four to five months before the ceremony. We’ll talk the steps that the person demonstrate in the video, this is convenient if you don’t want to watch the video.

How To Resize Ring To Smaller Size

  1. In the video, he is resizing an 18 karat white gold seven stone eternity ring for his client. First step, the ring was heated to find the joint of the ring. Before you do this, make sure to protect the diamond by submerge it into water before you heat. Remember to place the diamond in the water and make the ring stand by it’s own so get the balance right. This acts as a protector. A process that is called as annealing to find out the original joint location is done. Some people use 18k testing acid to find the joint. Apply the acid to the bottom of the shank, give it about 30 seconds and wipe it off. If the ring has been sized previously you will see a line.
  2. Now, you need to find the same material as your ring to combine it later. So, again annealing process is done to a material to soften the matting and then let it cool down.
  3. Thirdly, cut the section of the new piece to fit into the ring based on the ring size you want. Make it a proper size.
  4. You will need to check the ring size again to see how many space you are required to enlarge it. Then, put a new piece in the middle of the section in to increase the size.
  5. We will then again submerge half of the ring into water by placing the diamond on the down side. The next step is sholdering the new piece together with the left over or opened part of the 18k white gold so that it is combined. Have your hand steady so you won’t damage the other part of the ring. Take your ring sizer again and see if the size is the right one before we proceed.
  6. Heat up the piece of ring and always keeping an eye on the water level so the diamonds not exposed. When it gets to a certain temperature,  you can see there the solid begins to run. After you’ve heated the ring down you take, have a look on the inside the sides and the outside to make sure that the new pieces has fuse all the way across.
  7. After the soldering is done now we have to clean up the inside and the outside ring to make sure it is fitting according to your right size. Next, we’ll just clean up the inside basically what’s happening there we’ll just clean off any exposed extra piece of material and polish it. Once cleaned, we will then measure the ring again.
  8. We clean the excess metal after side and the back of the ring both sides.
  9. Lastly, polish and bristle the inside and outside of the ring to bring back it shines. Submerge the ring into water again and shake off any leftover that might left. Now you got a new bigger ring just like a new one.

Resize Ring Guide

Make sure to find a reliable and professional service if you intend to resize your ring. If you are in the Ireland, contact the ring sizer professional as you see on the video or find a similar one. It’s not the end of the world if you bought a wrong size ring, there’s always hope to resize ring according to your size.

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