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International Ring Sizes Conversion Chart For Men and Women

Reliable international ring sizes conversion charts conversion for men’s and women’s (unisex) from most countries is a perfect tool guide to measure your ring sizes as we provide you with both online and offline ring sizer. Our guide is mostly the best way to check the right ring sizes to avoid any miscalculation and it simply tells you how to determine your ring size. There are several ways to measure your ring sizes that we find to be a good source of ring sizes chart. Different parts of the world have different body portions including our fingers, so if you re wearing a ring in size 7 then you won’t be wearing the same size if you buy a ring from Singapore. US, UK, European and Asians have either slight or bigger difference in ring sizes. For the US and UK, the tend to have bigger fingers than those in Asia due to the fact their genes difference.

International Ring Sizes Chart Online For Men and Women

(in)(mm)(in)(mm)United States,United Kingdom,China,IndiaItaly,
Canada andIreland,Japan,Spain,
MexicoAustralia,South AmericaSwitzerland
South Africa and
New Zealand

Guide To Check Ring Size

A ring has no beginning and has no end which symbolizes endlessness and undying. Just the way love supposed to be. That is why the ring is usually worn on weddings and worn on the fourth finger or the ring finger of the left hand where many thought that it is truly connected to the wearer’s heart. It must be comfortable to wear from the fact that it is one of the accessories that many acquire. And if you are going to give it to someone, it must not be only aesthetically good but also perfectly fit to show how you know that person. Unfortunately, a size that fits all does not exist.

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Is there a difference between mens and womens ring sizes? Yes! It is due to the fact that mens finger is larger than womens finger. Some men with small body size or thin tend to have smaller finger compared to big body size men.

How can I size my ring up/down?

Obviously, metal rings are not stretchable to adapt on our own ring size. Our ring size can change through time due to weight gain or loss. But is there any chance your ring could ever fit again? Yes, it is plausible! Ask your trusted jeweler about your concerns in sizing up or down your ring. Before you rush to your jeweler, here is an overview about the ring size modification.

  1. Sizing ring up

There two ways to get your ring size up: inserting additional metal to your ring and through elongating. In inserting an additional metal, the jeweler will add up a little amount of metal based on your ring size. The jeweler will cut first the shank in order to increase a bit of the same kind of metal on both sides of the ring. Better acquire a ring that is easy to be altered or perhaps free from any engravings to avoid problems in adjusting the size of your ring. Engravings could also be substantially affected during the process of inserting additional metal in your ring. This method of resizing the ring will cost you a little higher than the next method due to the increase in the metal content. The second way of sizing up your ring is through elongating the shank of the ring. This method of extending the size of the ring will surely modify the physique of the ring and transform it to be less robust. So, better decide carefully on what method you will take in resizing your ring.

  1. Sizing ring down

There are three ways that you can decide in getting your ring that is bigger than your ring size to be compressed or fit into your finger: sizing bar, spring insert, or sizing beads. In sizing bar, a U shaped metal clasp will be soldered at the bottom of your ring. That clasp will hold your oversized ring to your finger without rendering an uncomfortable feeling to the wearer. Spring insert is a semi-circle metal spring that enables to make a little opening when pushed down then it will spring back. This will be also as comfortable as the sizing bar. The sizing beads are much expensive than the first two ways of resizing down your ring. The jeweler will just add two metal beads at the bottom part of your ring.

These methods are perfect for those people who do not have a size that best fit for their finger or if it is truly an arduous challenge for you to possess the ring that is comfortable to wear instead of just savoring the moment of shopping for a ring.

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How to get the ring size of someone secretly?

We all love surprises especially if it is prepared through extensive and creative efforts.  Those efforts will bring that priceless smile from that special person. But getting someone’s ring size in an inconspicuous manner is arduous enough to make you pull back from your goal. It really takes a lot of guts to do such thing because it might ruin your plans to surprise him/her or even that blooming relationship you have. Worry no more!  There are helpful ways to check the ring size of a person in a subtle and smooth way.

  • Borrow his/her ring and measure it using the printed ring sizer.

This is an effective way to get the ring size without looking suspicious. Of course, this can only be done if the ring is available for measuring or away from the owner. The printed ring size chart must always be ready when the ring has been removed. So, you must bring the chart to execute your plan if in case the ring is available.

  • Ask his/her family.

His/her family probably gave her a ring as a gift for special occasions. Usually, the family knows a lot about that person even to the smallest information. Or you could consider the family’s ring size.  There is a big chance that the person inherited the ring size from the parents or the person may have a significant ring size to his/her siblings. Of course, make an agreement with the family not to spill the beans on the recipient of the ring.

  • As his/her best friend.

If the person spends most of the time with his/her best friend especially in shopping then there is a big chance that the best friend also knows the ring size of the recipient of the ring. Same with asking the family, the best friend must also agree not to tell anything about what you have talked about.

  • Use a ring sizer to get his/her ring size while that person is asleep.

If you are desperate enough to know his/her exact ring size, just buy a complete set of metal ring sizer that cost ranges from $10 up to $17. Or borrow from a jeweler that owns a complete set of the metal ring sizer and it will save you a lot of time and money to get the ring size.  To achieve your agenda, you still must make a cautious effort to know his/her ring size while that person is sleeping. There are a lot of ways to measure that person’s ring size without being caught and you just have to be creative in making your intensive plan.

  • Take an educated guess.

If you have no one to ask about his/her ring size or you just want to spend money for the ring instead of buying a metal ring sizer, then just make an estimation of his/her ring size that you think will best fit that person’s finger. You can just compare that person’s ring size to yours and do the measurement on the jewelry store.

Different ring sizes of countries

  1. US ring size – The US criterion utilizes a numerical measure from 0 to 16, with half and a quarter sizes added. A diameter of eight-thousandths of an inch points out each quarter size which adds up a tenth of an inch in the innermost part of the ring.
  2. UK ring size – Instead of using numerical measurements, UK has been using a different method since the early Victorian times. Half ring sizes are shown as A ½, B ½, and etc. While large ring sizes are indicated as Z+1, Z+2, and etc.
  3. European ring size – Countries from Europe has a standard called the ISO 8653 Ring Size Standard. ISO 8653 Ring Size Standard requires jewelers to measure ring sizes using millimeters as their unit of measurement.
  4. Asian ring size – The sizes begin at 1 on the inner part of every size pace of a third of a millimeter. This ring size standard is usually utilized in South East Asian countries.

It is truly a wonderful experience to go on a spree for a ring for you or for a special someone. It will also be a cherished experience if you have a guide that you can reach out with your concerns about buying a ring especially if you have someone like an expert on this particular business that has got your back. If you finally acquired your desired comfortable ring, then you can now confidently flaunt your hands with your dazzling ring to everyone.

International Ring Sizes Conversion Chart For Men and Women


International Ring Sizes Conversion Charts For Men and Women available in inches conversion.

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