Pandora Ring Sizes Chart Guide For US – United States Pandora Ring Sizer

Pandora Ring Sizes Chart Guide For the US – Our Pandora ring sizer is accurate because it is the same one provided on the official Pandora US website which are the measurement for both men and women. Planning on buying a ring from Pandora? Measure your ring size first by going to their local shop or online. Unlike the Pandora ring size chart for UK or United Kingdom, the US version is more simple and it is a comparison between the US and European ring sizes. Pandora’s also mentioned some tips on measuring your ring size; you should measure the ring that you are currently wearing with the one you want to buy and for multiple rings options, you should buy one size bigger than your regular size. If you are United States people, then you might find our Pandora Ring Size chart is helpful.

Pandora Ring Size Chart - US

US SizeEuropean Size

Download and print this Pandora US ring size chart for more accurate measurement.

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