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Ring Sizer Tools Guide

How to check a ring size?

Do you want to know how to check or measure your ring size? Our printable ring sizer tools guide can help you determine the right ring size in a matter of time. It is a must to accurately determine the size of the ring in order for you not to regret buying one or for someone to fully appreciate your effort in offering them this jewelry. So, everything must be completely settled in the first place. Some already know someone’s ring size because they already bought one for them. But what if you are doubtful that the ring size of someone has not altered due to gain weight or even weight loss? Of course, we do not want to wear a ring to be too tight or rigidly attached to the finger even it is the most expensive jewelry you will ever possess. Below are the various helpful methods that you can utilize to get your ring size precisely.

Ring Sizes Chart For Men and Women in mm - Ring Sizer Tool Guide - How To Check Ring Size - Ring Sizes Men and Women in cm

  1. Using a band of a plain white piece of paper

Materials you need:

  • A plain white piece of paper
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Ruler
  • Sharp pencil
  • Ring size chart
  • Printed ring size chart


  1. Cut the plain white piece of paper into a thin long band. Long enough to measure your finger.
  2. Bind the band throughout the index, ring, or middle finger. It must cover the knuckle or the part of the finger that the hand and finger intersect. You can measure either the three of them because the three fingers do not differ too much in size.
  3. If the band is tight enough to cover the knuckle, leave a sign on both sides of the band to indicate the end of the ring size. The sign must be evident enough in order to get the exact measurement.
  4. Remove the band and roll it out to a flat surface.
  5. Emphasize the signs on both ends using a ruler or tape measure.
  6. Measure the band using either inches or millimeters as a unit.
  7. Check the ring size chart to verify the size of your ring. Make sure the printed ring size chart is printed with the right size. Most of the ring size charts have scale checker (inches) to get the exact size of the printed chart.

What if you do not have scissors or cutter to make a band of paper?


  1. Draw a line on one side of the paper. Make sure that the band is half an inch thick to fit the knuckle.
  2. Fold the paper following the line.
  3. Rub the folded part of the paper using the edge of your nail or using other pointed materials to make a finer crinkle.
  4. The paper is now ready to get torn. Place your left index finger beside the crinkle and with your right hand to tear lightly at an angle.
  5. Use it as a band to get the right ring size. Follow the 2nd up to the 7th step to proceed.
  • Using printable ring sizer for your finger

There are 2 kinds of ring sizer:

With a slit

Using the pencil in leaving a mark is not necessary for this method due to its function. But you can still use the pencil to leave a mark if you still want to make an accurate measurement.

Materials you need:

  • the printed ring sizer
  • cutter


  1. Find a printable ring sizer on a shape of an arrow that has a line drawn at the middle of it.
  2. Cut the printable ring sizer to follow its arrow shape. Make sure that the ring sizer is 3 and a half inches long.
  3. Gently slash the line subsequent to the phrase “Read Size Here” to makes a small opening of the slit. For some printable ring sizer, the line to be cut is indicated using different symbols like a small scissor or a small arrow.
  4. Attach the center part of the ring sizer to your knuckle and shoot the pointed part of the ring sizer to the opened slit.
  5. Mildly pull the paper from the slit until the end has been reached. You must be very cautious in pulling the paper from the small opening or else the paper will tear apart and you have to print another ring sizer.
  6. Write down the number close to the slit to get the measurement.
  7. After you precisely get your ring size, gradually pull off the paper from the slit. Place the ring sizer on a secured place to avoid tearing the paper apart.

The purpose of this kind of printable ring sizer is to reuse the tool for other people who want also to try this and know their ring size.

Without a slit

Materials you need:

  • the printed ring sizer
  • scissors
  • pencil


  1. Find a printable ring sizer. It must be 3 inches long to accurately get the size of the printable ring sizer.
  2.  Cut the edges of the printable ring sizer. The printable ring sizer looks like an arrow
  3. Bind the sizer to the knuckle or to the broadest bone on the finger. Make sure the printable ring sizer is tight enough to measure the exact measurement.
  4. Once the sizer is fastened, look at the pointed part of the strip and get the number closest to it. Leave a mark on that certain number.
  5. If the size is too tight or uncomfortable to wear for you, just adjust to the next number.


  1. Using a tape measure

Materials you need:

  • Tape measure
  • Pencil/pen/marker
  • Printed ring sizing chart


  1. Bind the thickest part of the finger which is the knuckle using the tape measure.
  2. Put a sign on the part of the tape measure that meets the end of it.
  3. Record the size and check its equivalent ring size
  4. If in doubt, repeat the first steps until you get the same results.


  1. Using the string method

You might take a hard time for this method if you do not want a helping hand to assist. Better seek for an available person who is willing to support your procedures. If no one is available, just be patient in taking this method until you got your own ring size.

Materials you need:

  • Dental floss or different kinds of rigid stings available. Make sure it is not stretchable.
  • Scissors
  • Printed ring size chart


  1. Attach the floss or the string around your knuckle and twist both ends.
  2. Cut the floss on the part where the floss intersected.
  3. Measure the floss using the ruler and check the measurement on the ring sizer chart.
  4. To assure an accurate measurement of your ring size, repeat the 1st step until you get the same size.


  1. Using a ring

Materials you need:

  • A ring. Not necessarily your own ring. You can use someone’s ring that also fits for you.
  • Printed ring size chart
  • Ruler


  1. Find a ring that fits for your finger.
  2. Use the ring size chart to find your size. Check if the printed ring size chart is correctly printed.
  3. In order to get the right ring size, the ring must cover the circle on the chart.

Take note:

  • Average ring size for men is 10.
  • Average ring size for women is 7.
  • Our finger is enlarged during the night than in morning. So, better measure your finger at night-time.
  • Usually, the middle and index finger has the same exact ring size.

Read our resize ring guide and the international ring sizes chart to get more reliable information.

Ring Sizer Tools Guide

Ring Sizer Tools Information

Best accurate printable ring sizer tools guide on the Internet that both men and women can use. We provided the ring sizer tools you can use immediately by downloading and printing them.

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